Welcome to my interwebs lair, mortal! Whether you stumbled upon this little corner of cyberspace by chance, design or some other strange twist of fate, you’re probably wondering who I am, what this is about and what the hell it’s got to do with an early 80s Masters of the Universe villain called Trapjaw.

Well, for starters, if you want the long story that fully explains my choice of Trapjaw as a sort of cyber-alter-ego, if you will, you can check out this blog post. If you don’t really care too much about the in-depth hows and whys, just know that the good ol ‘Jaw was one of my favourite Masters of the Universe characters as a young boy, and as I’m one giant sucker for nostalgic reminiscences, the image of this blue-skinned half-orc, half-automaton hybrid of evil power never fails to connect me to a past rich in vivid memories and imagined yet tangibly-close sensations of innocence, uncomplicated bliss and the roots of who I am. It also links my present to the genesis of a still-undiminished love of stories that began in those halcyon years of childhood.

To return to the present state of affairs, I’m a South African guy who is currently living in Taiwan, where I’m pursuing the dual dreams of writing and music, while paying the bills by teaching English as a day job as well as getting to explore Asia and meet all sorts of fascinating people on the side.

In terms of writing I’m currently working on a number of projects, which include novels, short stories and novellas, as well as a bit of non-fiction stuff. A few of these projects are available for purchase in the My Books section, while others are going to be published in the near future and as soon as they are available for purchase I’ll put the links up here.

me, myself and I.

Another passion of mine is playing drums, an endeavour that I began to undertake when I was an awkward and nerdy teenager of sixteen. Music and writing, to me, are different shimmering surfaces of the same multifaceted sphere that represents and encompasses all art forms; both are different yet similar means of conveying ideas, emotions and tapping into and redirecting the transcendental streams of energy that flow through the universe.  I mostly play rock music, and I’m in a pretty kick-ass band called Liger Attack, but I try to include many other genres, ranging from jazz and funk to 80s pop in what I jam to in a continual effort to diversify and better my skills, and just plain have fun playing. I’ll probably do some drum cover videos at some stage too. Watch this space if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Other things of interest to me are history, art, philosophy, veg*nism, animals, world cultures, pop culture, film, literature, environmentalism, nature, 80s and 90s nostalgia, motorcycles and anything post-apocalyptic.  I’ll try to blog on all of these things in varying degrees so if you’re interested in any of the abovementioned topics, keep coming back here to check out new entries every now and then.

Well, that’s that then.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog entries and my creative writing, and that you’ll take an interest in the music my brothers and I put out too.  Take it easy, dear reader…



I heard that when you play the drums it is literally face melting…is that true? Is there an antidote for the “liger attack”?

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