My Band

I play drums for a hard rock band called Liger Attack. Consisting of two arse-kicking American dudes on bass and vocals respectively, a Canadian wizard on guitar and myself on drums, we’ve been around since 2010 (with a year hiatus in 2011, when I was back in South Africa for a year), and we play an original blend of hard rock with influences ranging from The Red Hot Chili Peppers to Tool to Black Sabbath to Nirvana to Pearl Jam to Rush and everything between.  We’re all about the live shows and whenever we play we put in every ounce of passion and energy we can extract from ourselves and do our best to tear the roof off whatever venue it is that we play at. You can find us on facebook at where you can go and check out our songs, videos and other media (and give us a “like” if you want), or you can check out our official website.  Rock on, amigos!



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