Panthera (full-length novel)


A geriatric farmhand is nearing the end of his life – a life characterised by disappointment, routine and regret – when one night he is attacked by a terrifying and seemingly supernatural beast. After this violent encounter his life is radically and irrevocably changed as he is thrust into a world of shapeshifting, secret societies and a war between mighty powers of good and evil that has spanned millennia. Will he be able to hold on to the love of his life as well as survive the conflict into which he has been unwillingly forced?

Jonathan M. Hemmings’s rapid narrative pacing, constant plot twists and vivid depictions of characters and settings will have you turning pages with gusto while your imagination is swept into the heart of Africa, with its myriad sights, smells and sensations. This genre-bending tale is the first tantalising taste of the vastness of the world of Shapeshifters and Huntsmen which is explored in fascinating detail in the Tooth, Claw and Steel series.

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